How does trtexec work with .uff files ?


I am trying to benchmark networks using command line tool “trtexec” as below but it gave me errors as shown below.

Any ideas?

~Downloads/TensorRT-$ …/…/bin/trtexec --uff=lenet5.uff --output=Binary_3
uff: lenet5.uff
output: Binary_3
Conv_0: image size is smaller than filter size
UFFParser: Parser error: Binary_0: The input to the Scale Layer is required to have a minimum of 3 dimensions.
Engine could not be created
Engine could not be created

./bin/trtexec --uff=lenet5.uff --output=Binary_3 --uffInput=Input_0,1,28,28 is the correct command.

However, I have another question.
I can see lenet5.uff.txt format file in data/mnist directory. How can I generate any uff file into uff.text file by myself ?

Hi adit_bhrgv ist actually .uff itself they have just renamed it.