How does UFM decide if a switch is down?

Our UFM produces the following log to its “syslog”:

CRITICAL [Fabric_Topology] Switch [default(322) / Switch: xxxxxxxx / NA / NA] [dev_id: xxxxxxx]: xxxxxxxx: (system guid: xxxxxxxx) is Down

We found that this log is sometimes produced when a switch is not down. We are trying to find UFM docs to understand the switch health check logic better and figure out what it produces such false alarms, but we are not able to find any docs yet. Could you explain how the health check works? It’ll be great if there’s any official docs/resources.

Also, what will be the best way to tell if a switch is down, from UFM’s log or metrics? Thank you!

Are you use managed switch or unmanaged switch?

We are using managed switches

Can you open a SF ticker for debug it? In general, ufm report switch down when all link of the switch change to DOWN.