How enable J1939 on jetson nano

Im trying to integrate J1939 on jetson, I have 2 mcp connected to nano and also have working can nodes can0 and can1. when I try to run testj1939 from can-utils I get error invalid arguments. please provide steps if required to enable kernel module can-j1939 or is there any other way get it working
current using jetpack 4.5
linux kernel 4.9.201-tegra

Hi @user158076

This hasn’t been tried at our end but can you once refer the enabling of can interface for the custom kernel module

And once try to refer the below link as mentioned by moderator to add few files in order to work using j1939

please refer this

Will provide more inputs as soon as I get information relevant to this.

Thank you

Thanks ankthsingh,

This is very useful information.
We have switched to the TX2 NX and the need to CAN on the Nano has been put on the back burner.


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