How far away are we from these polygon counts?

Hi forums!

Just wondering how far we are from having 10-30 billion triangles in the frustum in a game? 10 years? (or is that too short of a timespan?)


Interesting question!

I would guess not very far, at least in terms of capabilities. 2018 with the launch of the Turing architecture NVIDIA introduced Mesh shaders. And it seems at that time and with that new technology developers at Roblox already reached a staggering 20 billion triangles per second in a demo scene!

If that is any indicator of what modern games will be able to utilize in terms of raw processing power, then why not fill your frustum to the brim!

I’ve read that :)

But isn’t “polygons per second” different to “polygons on screen”? :(

Sure is. Sadly I didn’t find any reference to their demo setup explaining which of those they measured.

They talk about triangles “rendered” so I would assume they didn’t discard non-visible triangles. But i am not sure.