How find stopped people confidence instead of moving people on vehicle

Embeded device:jetson Nano 4gb
jetpack version:4.5.1
cuda version:10.2.89
python code:deepstream python apps video analytics
ubuntu 18.04 LTS

In deepstream python apps deepstream-nvdsanalytics
problem statement : how can we get confidence of people…

confidence - Holds a confidence value for the object, set by the inference module.
The confidence value was negative. On doing some googlesearch, it was suggested
to set the cluster-mode=2 in dsnvanalytics_pgie_config.txt
On doing this, the people confidence was positive, but it affected the other detections.
The vehicle detection was incorrect.
How do we find the people/vehicle detection confidence.

Gaurang Patel


First, please noted that we have some newer JetPack and Deepstream releases.
It’s recommended to upgrade your device to the latest JetPack 4.6.1 with Deepstream 6.0.1.

Below is an example to extract sgie confidence value based on deepstream-test2 example.
Please check if it can meet your requirement:


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