How friendly is Cerberus?


I am using a device with BlueField3 and I would like to remotely attest the device using it.
In search of information about ready-made solutions, I found information about support for the Cerberus solution (as I understand the solution from Microsoft)

However, this solution looks incomplete, since it is necessary to additionally write a wrapper to support the protected storage from BF in the Cerberus, where in theory the secret key of the device should be located for attestation. The same applies for wrapping around crypto accelerators, which are clearly not supported by Cerberus. Are there ready-made solutions or SDKs that will help me with remote attestation on BF3, or perhaps a guide on using Cerberus?

Best regards, Kirill

Hello voev.kirll,

Thank you for posting your inquiry on the NVIDIA Developer Forum - Infrastructure and Networking - Section.

As the datasheet mentions, the Bluefield-3 adapter is Cerberus compliant. However, as Cerberus is a project driven by Microsoft and the community, we recommend to post your inquiry on the project site of Cerberus → Project_Olympus/Project_Cerberus at master · opencomputeproject/Project_Olympus · GitHub

Thank you and regards,
~NVIDIA Networking Technical Support

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