How GT 520 auto detect VGA,HDMI,DVI device ? Is there manual override ?

How does the GT 520 auto-detect the connected the device ?

It has 3 connectors: VGA, HDMI and DVI.

What I want to do is:

  1. Use VGA always for monitor.
  2. Use HDMI only for audio connection to receiver.

Problem with this setup is that GT 520 believes receiver to be a monitor and switches to it automatically on boot, with different/weird results, either no screen, or bad screen.

Only pulling out HDMI cable and rebooting will restore screen to VGA.

I have not yet tried the following solution:

  1. Use DVI for monitor.
  2. Use HDMI for receiver.

What would happen in this scenerio ?

I could not perform this experiment cause I didn’t think of it at the time and the nvidia driver installation failed, complaining about some wizard already running after reboot which was kinda weird.

I installed an older driver over a newer driver (gt 1030).

I have now replaced the GT 520 by the GT 1030 and will attempt to re-install latest GT 1030 driver.

Hopefully this time it will work.

I would still like to know how GT 520 does auto-detect and if it’s somehow possible to force it to always use VGA or always use DVI… instead of having to revert to physical solutions like yanking/plugging high-powered hdmi cables and rebooting.

For now I assume this forcing/manual selection of display device is not possible but please enlightening me if I am wrong.

(System uses a socket 939 winfast motherboard which only supports one graphics card in normal mode unfortunately… would have liked to use both cards for experimenting purposes and maybe even cuda-ing sometime in future… perhaps it’s the build in sli-card-link thing that causes this not sure).



The HDMI cable has a “Hot plug detect” connection. This tells the card (GPU) that the an HDMI device is connected. I don’t know if there is a way to override this from the GPU side. Maybe someone else will chime in.

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