How I can open the OpenCV after I have installed SDKmanager components?

Hello,I’m a novice,I installed all the SDKmanager components, but I do not konw how to open them, can you give me the command statements for these?
Otherwise, I want to use TX2 to develop autopilot program, but I don’t know how to start. can you tell me where to find the data or video about embedded development, such as serial communication (485, can),thank you!

A lot of more general information is here:

Many of the installed examples or CUDA content is somewhere under “/usr/local/”, e.g., see “cd /usr/local; ls”.

Official docs (typically not oriented to tutorial, but more support of platform) appear here (you may need to log in and go there a second time since redirect may not work):

You might find this useful:

This has some good information, plus an index into more content further down the page (“Guides and Tutorials”):