How in Orin chip, DRIVE OS set in BCT boot(non-gpio) from B chain?

hi supporter,
In Orin chip, DRIVE OS , how to set in BCT(non-gpio bootmode) boot from B chain?
i did not see “u32_non_gpio_select_boot_chain”," u32_num_boot_chains " these two field in “tegra234-br-bct-auto-qspi.dts” file. force add these two field(value 1,2) in this file. after re-power the Orin the log still is print u32_non_gpio_select_boot_chain=0, u32_num_boot_chains =4. could you give some support for me? thanks!

May I know the DRIVE OS version?

hi SivaRamaKrishna,
Thanks for your reply. The Drive OS version is

Could you share the complete followed steps till flashing?

hi SivaRamaKrishna,
Thanks, below is my main step
Step 1:
add boot chain selection and config nums
Step 2:
cd {top}/drive-foundation
./make/bind_partitions -d -g -b p3663-a01 linux -u ndas
python3 -g ./images -b p3663-a01 -r 02 --chain B
python3 -P …/bootburn_t23x_py/images/642-63663-0001-001_TS2/ -b p3663-a01

After flashing:
u32_non_gpio_select_boot_chain = 1
u32_num_boot_chains = 2
boot from chain B
u32_non_gpio_select_boot_chain = 0
u32_num_boot_chains = 4
boot from chain A

Please confirm if you are using P3663? If so, Please file NvBug and contact your NVIDIA representative for further support.