How is Omniverse Composer set up to save assets from connected programs like 3ds?

Hi there,

I’ve watched some videos about the collaborative features of Omniverse which could be very useful. I normally work in 3ds Max, then import it into Unreal to animate and render out animations; however, only one person can ever be in Unreal to make changes which can be quite annoying. I’ve done some basic testing going from 3ds Max to Omniverse Composer and I’ve built 3 assets, exported them to USD, linked the asset USD files to the scene USD I’ve saved from Composer and set up a live sync. This works; however, I noticed that firstly, when live synced, the files open up in a new Untitled 3ds file and I also noticed the scale was a little off on one of the assets. I scaled this up in Composer - testing the live sync feature as if someone else has noticed this issue and changed it in a live session - however, I cannot find a way to reliably save these changes to the USD file, nor from the live sync session in 3ds.

I have had limited success with selecting the objects in Composer’s lister, right-click save selected and then saving them as a new file name but I can see this causing an issue with very quickly creating loads of USD files and getting confused later down the line… I then end the live sync session in Composer and all of the changes to the scene USD file disappear!

My main query at the moment is if the workflow that I’m trying to create (creating assets in 3ds max, importing and editing a scene in Composer but saving these changes to master .max files or .USD files I can import into .max files to save) and also to find out how the saving of changes works/how composer’s live sync sessions work with saving assets from both a program pespective (like 3ds) and also from an omniverse-native perspective.

Would be very interested in using Omniverse to collaborate in the creative scene-building/asset creation stages, potentially animation and then to import the composer scene USD to Unreal to animate (or if possible in Omniverse) to just render in Unreal.

Thanks in advance to anyone with the wisdom to teach me what Omniverse is actually to be used for if I’ve mistaken my research so far - I appreciate everyone’s time!


Hi there and thanks for your inquiry. Here is a great overview video on LIVE and the 3dsmax connector. It is older, but still works fine for an overview

The main idea is to get your content from 3dsmax into usd composer. You can do this 3 ways. You can use the built in usd exporter from autodesk, which works well for geometry but not for our texture system. You can use OUR own NV omniverse connector, that you download from the Omniverse Launcher. This provides a great toolbar in 3dsmax for you to export the file. It works a lot better for usd composer. The third way is to do a LIVE transfer. This is cool and fun, but not always required. The best way to do that is to export your initial 3dsmax scene as a usd file and make sure it is somewhere in your LOCALHOST nucleus folder. Then you open the same file in usd composer. Then you hit LIVE on both softwares and it should connect. Ideally there is a fully bi directional transfer of data between programs, but it can have some issues. Generally you would want to drive the changes in 3dsmax towards USD Composer. Once you are happy you can end the live session and save the changes. I would not recommend this for just one user. Just export the file as a normal usd file with our toolbar.

Ideally you want to build up your scene in usd format and keep it all in usd composer. Keep pushing data IN. I would not recommend trying to push it back to 3dsmax as a max file. If you must keep it as a usd file.