How is OpenCV3.x integrated in VisionWorks

While I replaced the older OpenCV4Tegra with OpenCV3.x, using the following cli:

$ sudo apt-get purge libopencv4tegra-dev libopencv4tegra
$ sudo apt-get purge libopencv4tegra-repo
$ sudo apt-get update

outrageously, VisionWorks was found gone, OpenCV4Tegra behaving like a hoodlum.

I expect both VisionWorks and OpenCV3.x, not OpenCV4Tegra, work together. How can I do for this great?

Hello, viisautta:
For VisionWorks, would you please try to re-install it again and check whether it works?
For OpenCV3.x, you can make a private build directory, and with correct environment, it can work well.
Refer to, and it may help.