How is the display affected by using the GPUs?


Given that the video card is reponsible for what is on your screen, how is that affected by using it’s processors to do ‘other’ work?


If you are using a graphical display (Windows or the X server on Linux) with the same GPU you are using for CUDA, you will see the display freeze while a CUDA kernel is executing. If kernels are quick (< 10ms) you probably won’t notice, but if they take a second, then it can be very annoying. Moreover, the display driver will terminate CUDA kernels that take longer than a few seconds to allow the display to update. If you use Linux without X running, there is no time limitation.

On Mac OS X you will have the same behavior with a major difference: there’s no graceful OpenCL Kernel termination, but instead an ugly Mac OS X Kernel crash with the need to reboot your computer! Ouch!