How is the value of THS_SETTLE0_A calculated in CPHY?

In DPHY, hs_settle is calculated by mclk_multiplier. However, in CPHY, the value of hs_settle does not vary with mclk_multiplier. I’d like to know how hs_settle is calculated.

I would suggest set the cil_settle to 0 and set correct pix_clk_hz to have camera firmware to calculate automatically. For the sensor side need to match the MIPI spec.


I tried to modify pix_clk_hz, but the settle value did not change.

How did you check it?
Did you check the MIPI clocks?

I read the SETTLE value,devmem 0x15a11ce8.
Modified MIPI clocks, the settle is still unchanged.

What’s the sensor connection?

Sensor is OX03J10.
I tried to turn off/on MIPI, using v4l2 to display, and SETTLE is unchanged.
So I think SETTLE may have nothing to do with SERDES.

I mean the sensor connect to which CSI port?

The second.

CSI-C? Check the 0x15a21ce8

In 1920*1536,I got the value:
1trio 0x10202a2a
2trios 0x10203636

The default value of SETTLE is too small, the video stream is not working.
When I set cil_settle=50, it works.
But I’ve learned that some orin software versions don’t allow cil_settle to be configured.

Suppose you should be able to configure it by device tree.
BTW don’t know if able apply to CPHY. Could you verify it.

cil_settletime = "0";
dynamic_pixel_bit_depth = "12";

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