How long does it take to fall asleep and wake up from SC7?


How long does it take for Xavier NX to fall asleep and wake up from deep sleep (SC7)?
If that wasn’t measured, is it a matter of milliseconds or seconds?

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may I also know what’s your use-case,

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I am going to use Xavier as portable device on custom carrier board. There will be screen and button to enter and leave SC7 state (for power saving of course). I need it to be able to switch from deep sleep to active state (fully functional, HDMI & USB enabled) in as short time as possible to make it fluent for users. That’s why I’m interested in timing of falling asleep and waking from this suspend mode. They don’t need to be accurate.

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we’re using commands, $ sudo systemctl suspend, to test this locally.
NX takes around 6-second to enter deep-sleep, and it takes around 3-second to resume from deep-sleep.

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These are good results.
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Hi @JerryChang, Can you tell me more about how you measure that?

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you may connect the board with serial console to gather UART logs.
there’re timestamp shown before each printed messages, which also indicate the system behavior;
we’d used those timestamps for calculation.