how long it takes Clara early access to be approved?

Mine is still in pending state for a while


The early access application is for the entire Clara Train SDK.
However, you can already find the client code and libraries for the AI-assisted Annotation toolkit for both C++ and Python languages on NVIDIA Github page. Have a look:

Hi, I see the same problem, my approval is pending for several weeks…
Any help is warmly welcome!

We are constantly reviewing and approving new requests. Currently the SDK is early access and the approval is based on use case.

Hi, we have some products that can benefit from Clara. Is there any way we can expedite the process?



FYI, the Clara Train SDK is now available for download for everyone:


“Ensure that these prerequisites are available on your system:” There is requirement for “API Key for access”, where can I find it? Thanks!


that means the API Key of NVIDIA GPU Cloud