how long it takes to flash JetPack? no progress after connection to closed

connection to closed

My process just stop here, no progress any more, I have waited for about 20 minutes. the tx2 has booted into its ubuntu.

I have tried twice, exactly the same issue

I use Jetpack 3.0

Hi Zhengchun,

Please follow Install JetPack L4T document steps.
From JetPack3.0 package -> jetpack_docs -> index.html -> download and install JetPack L4T.

Also, please check your ethernet cable. Thanks!

Thanks for your answer. I did follow that steps. Seems that I figured out the issue, since I do not have enough free disk space, I install JetPack from external disk (not in my home folder). Now, I turn to another machine and try to install Jetpack from home folder, it seems work well now.