How long Nvidia driver will support active Prime-select at Performance mode

I’m using Nvidia driver version 495.44, kernel 5.15.0. 1st I wanna thank to Nvidia open EGL for Wayland protocol. And I can install Nvidia on my PC desk with less painful now. But prob that in my laptop running RTX 3050 with Nvidia Optimus cant disable in BIOS. Then after install Nvidia driver, active Nvidia.drm modeset, Prime-select only get 1 option On-demand. Even I active Prime-run to game, dGPU is forced to render but something blocked FPS at 30. Idk why I cant get over 30fps in some light-weight online game. In Windows, I can disable a feature named Battery Boost. And Im using Linux with charger always plugin. One more thing, I cant enable Prime-select Performance mode. If I try to enable it, I will get full black screen and reboot come to tty Terminal interface, no way I can active it in laptop with Nvidia Optimus enabled
One last time, please please make anything can help us control fan stop and undervolt/OC, GUI or command no prob. We have nothing to control with our graphic system. If we change anything, we get our responsible. Thank you so much for raised our community!

Please run as root and attach the resulting nvidia-bug-report.log.gz file to your post.