How many outbound number in case of EP mode

PCIe controller 5 is in EP mode, there is only eight outbound number.

In other word, configure outbound with dw_pcie_prog_outbound_atu, only index >=0 && index <=7 is valid,
void dw_pcie_prog_outbound_atu(struct dw_pcie *pci, int index, int type,
u64 cpu_addr, u64 pci_addr, u32 size);

when index >7, kernel output the error:
tegra-pcie-dw 141a0000.pcie_ep: outbound iATU is not being enabled

if we want more outbound number, 16 is better, how to achieve it?


This limitation is coming from the hardware design. Unfortunately, we can’t go beyond 8 in SW usage.