How many PAL camera jetson TX2 could process in real time? What frame grabber I should use?

Computations on input from PAL camera is simple: scaling and displaying.

Which frame grabbers I should use (for example: Sensoray has 8ch model 1012 frame graber on miniPCIe) What latency I should expect?

Hi ArturK,

In the case of frame grabber, as you know, the related IOs of TX2 are all standard, no special request for external device, so only needs the frame grabber you chose can meet that. Below topic seems to be useful on this, for your reference:

I just started working with the Sensoray 1012. I’ve have not tried to make and measurements of latency yet there is a little delay.

My host was the Jetson AGX Xavier. Capture sample for V4L2 here

Samples included in SDK were not great.