How many RTSP camera feed can I process at a single time in Orin nano 8GB board

Hey their I’m using Orin nano board with 8GB RAM and want to run a basic face detection model with deep stream while taking feed from RTSP camera of 4MP .So, that what is the maximum limit of the camera that I connect. So that it can analyze and process real time and display on screen. I require the expected no. of RTSP camera can i connect.

RTSP camera is to send H264/H265 stream, so performance is dominated by capability of hardware decoder. Please refer to 2.9.1 in

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i have a problem as we in JMU bought Nano developer kit and discovered that it is defective and not working
i am trying to replace it and cant find support

Please try to flash the Orin Nano developer kit to 5.1.2 and 5.1.3 through SDKManager. To confirm it is a hardware defect instead of software issue. If you cannot flash or boot the system with the two versions, please follow the RMA process:
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