How many UDP flooding packets will be scanned and blocked by DPU IPS rule in bludfield2 per core?

I encounter some limitations in DPU during scanning UDP packets by IPS rules. It onlyexaminess 15036 packets per core.

I use the single core as shown in this command in DPU. I have used hping3 to send flooding traffic toward DPU host and enable IPS inside DPU.

“/opt/mellanox/doca/applications/ips/bin/doca_ips -a 0000:03:00.0,class=regex -a auxiliary:mlx5_core.sf.3,sft_en=1 -a auxiliary:mlx5_core.sf.4,sft_en=1 -l 0-1 – --cdo /tmp/udp.cdo -p -n 1”

Screenshot attached.
No warning message appears