How many USB 3.0 Cameras are available to capture Images simultaneously with TX1

Hello guys

I’m a noob at developing system with tx1 and I have one question
I really hope you guys will answer to my question soon ( sorry for my poor English ^^;; English is not my mother language )

I’ve tried to design a machine vision system with three Basler Cameras ( USB 3.0 , 1920 x 1200 , 40fps ) and only one Jetson TX1 Board

But I doubt whether TX1 could handle three USB 3.0 Cameras

*Important point
I want that 3 Basler Cameras can capture Images simultaneously in my TX1 machine vision system

Anyway how many USB 3.0 Cameras have you tried with TX1 ? did it work fine?

Hi happyturtle,

The TX1 design follow USB3.0 specification.

The theoretical USB3.0 speed is 5Gbps(625MB), if there is no other type USB device(Bulk, interrupt) to share bandwidth, USB host can allocate 5Gbps * 90% = 562.5MB for iso transfer.

In your case, 3 Basler Cameras can capture Images simultaneously - that will require ~ 474MB (3x 1920x1080 x 40fps x 2 B/pixel).

Thus, the bandwidth requirement is still under the limitation, 474MB < 562.5MB, there should be no problem to support your use case on TX1, however we did not test with 3 USB 3.0 cameras yet.