How many USB devices can be handled on Tegra X1 and X2 ?

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I’d like to know how many USB devices can be handled on Tegra X1 and X2.
I want to use 3 USB2.0 devices and 3 USB3.0 devices (total 6 devices) on Tegra X1 or X2.

The USB3.0 interface consists of USB-SS(Tx,Rx) and USB-DP/DM(same as USB2.0) in usual usage.
But in case of Tegra, there is no indication which DP/DM and USB-SS should be paired.
If USB3.0 can be separated USB-SS and USB2.0, Tegra has 3 USB2.0 port and 3 USB-SS port. (not 3 USB3.0 ports)

I tried to connect a USB3.0 device (DP/DM pins are masked), and Jetson Tx2 could handle it as a USB 3.0 device. (It means DP/DM don’t have to be contained in USB3.0.)

If a USB-SS does not have to be paired with a USB DP/DM, 3 USB SS devices and 3 USB2.0 devices can be handled simultaneously ?
Or Tegra X2 can be handled upto 3 USB devices in total?

*Following texts are described in the document “Parker_TRM”.
XUSB can support 3 USB 2.0 ports, 1 HSIC port, and 3 USB 3.0 ports
I read the text, it means Tegra X2 can handle 3 USB 2.0 devices and 3 USB 3.0 devices in parallel. That means 6 USB devices can be handled on Tegra X2 in total.
Is it correct?

Hi takashi san,
Please check the design guide
Usually a USB 3.0 type A port needs a set(D+/D-) of USB2.0 pins and a set of USB3.0 pins, so it may have three USB 3.0 type A ports in max.

Thanks for kindly reply !
I re-consider the connection between USB devices.
Takashi Hayakawa

Hi takashi san,
You can have 3 USB2.0 ports and 3 USB-SS ports, but the 3 USB-SS ports do not support USB2.0.

DP/DM don’t have to be contained in USB3.0.

Thanks for additional advice.
It is very good news!
3 USB-SS ports do not support USB2.0, it’s enough for me.
I’d try to connect 6 USB devices to Tegra directly.

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How many USB3.0 interfaces does the TX2 have, and do they share bandwidth?

I’d like to use 3 USB-SS devices.
Bandwidth is not determined.