How many watts are used in MAXN?


In this table Power management

I cannot see the amount of watts used in MAXN. I guess it must be more than 15watts because the CPU and GPU are at maximal frequency.

MAXN has no power budget as no threshold in this mode, so its power consumption depends on use case, and could be much more than 15W.

What do you mean by threshold? A tripping point?

Means the limit point of freq/cores as you can see in other profile.

How can I know how many watts are being used? is there a command in linux? Or maybe is it related to temperature in the processor?

I don’t think you can measure this directly on most any computer. Maybe some high end PC power supplies. You might consider an external device (some of which allow logging over USB). Some examples (I don’t know if these are any good or not, they are just ideas):
JZCreater 150A Power Analyzer
Powerwerx Watt Meter
Many similar devices

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Command line “Tegrastats” is for this, please refer to this topic: How does tegrastats measures average power consumption?

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