How maps are handled by Isaac SDK?

I was not able to find a clear documentation about maps in Isaac-SDK.
I would like to test my own localization system on a known map.
Here are my questions:

    The description of this module is very poor. There are no outgoing/incoming messages, so how it works??

    Apparently, no message is provided for transferring a map from a codelet to another, except for which includes only generic infos on a map but not the occupancy grid data, for example. So which is recommended way to transfer map data?

You can have a look at the flatsim example app. The occupancy grid map is stored in and accessed directly by other components.

well, my question is slightly different. I understand the purpose of OccupancyGridMapLayer inside the flatsim example app (the .json file). However, I cannot find a code example on how to access (read/write) its data, in order to connect it to my application. Let’s suppose that I have written my own cpp module that computes from a flatscan an occupancy grid (in a bitmap format, for example), how can I store it inside the OccupancyGridMapLayer in real time? Similar question for a custom localization module: how can my module access the OccupancyGrid data?

I tried also to give a look to the navsim examples (please correct me if I am wrong)
It seems to me that the gmapping example writes the result of the mapping process on a file.
On the contrary, in the navigate example, the map is loaded from disk, but the interaction between the map component and the particlefilterlocalizer module (for example) seems hidden to me (no “protos” are exchanged between the two modules…?)
So I can’t find an example on how to interact with the map component in realtime…
Thank you for your help

Not sure if this helps you, but did you see the distributed mapping example ?

Scroll down to the mapping application in this link below: