How might the newbie begin? I'm sorry, but I have no clue

I just downloaded the CUDA SDK 2.0 and installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (8.0) Academic Edition.
Now I want to test the CUDA by writing a simple GPU (CPU) time-wasting program.

As my GeForce 8400 GS PCI I bought on did not yet arrive, I must do it in emulation mode.

But how do I do that?
Usually I clicked on ‘File->New->Project’ and chose ‘Windows-Forms application’ or ‘CLR console application’.
But what the heck must I do now to write a program that might run on an NVidia card but now runs on the
CPU in emulation mode?

Sorry if there’s an obvious solution, but I have no clue :(
Thanks in advance!

Cool stuff - you even can easily enable the emulation mode - thanks!

Ok I installed the stuff. Now I can create a CUDA project very easily.

BUT - when I want to run it (I enabled ‘emulation mode’ in the CUDA-properties of the project properties)
I get the message ‘cutil32d.dll not found.’.
I searched this forum for ‘cutil32’ and found some posts, but they didn’t help me.
Do I have to set any environment variables?
If yes, to what values?

I’m sorry but I can’t search the forum as I always get this ‘The board administrator has enabled search flood control’
message :(

PS: I don’t have nVidia hardware (yet).

Have you installed the toolkit? The dlls should be there. If you find them, try copying them to the project’s folder.

Ok I copied the dll to the project folder. Testing… Yep! Now it works. Thanks :)