How much time it takes to get into Cuda registered developer?

Hi, i want to download cuDNN, to compile it with caffe. But I cant, download link sends me to cuDNN download survey and apparently I don’t have a permission to view it, since Im not approved for cuda register dev program yet. I submitted application to this program yesterday, in my account it still show Submitted for it. How much time does it take to process this application? Weeks, months, years??? Do you do it by hand, fax it to the headquarters?

It normally takes a few days. If you wait 2-3 days and it’s not approved, try again.

I have registered several times over the years, and also have taken notice of the turn-around times reported in these forums by various users. For the past several years, the typical turn-around time has been one business day (assuming the application form was filled out properly). Note that the notion of “business day” excludes Saturdays, Sundays, and US holidays, and is relative to the Western United States in terms of time zones. Note that today is Good Friday, the start of the Easter weekend.

As txbob says, it you have not heard back after 2-3 business days, try applying again.