How Parabricks hide docker container content

I run Parabricks container and attach to the container but I don’t see any things inside it.
How Parabricks do it? I need it to encrypt my container.
Thank you.

Hey @dongoctuan.0101,

The best way to run Parabricks is to stay outside of the container, using the pbrun wrapper. After you’ve run the installation, you should be able to run commands like pbrun germline ...This will invoke the Docker container. Does that solution work for you?

Thank you,
I am a customer of Parabricks for a long time. I known that pbrun spawns a container, but when I attach to the container, I can not see any thing. I really want to use technology like this to hide data from my customer.
If you can share it or some suggestion, I am very happy.

Hey @dongoctuan.0101,

Just to clarify. You want to create your own container, that hides data in the same way that the pbrun command is invisible from inside the container?