How should I design this demo?

if i want to create an agent as I describe below, what scenario and hardware should I choose?
[Description]If an agent can accurately predict all the signals it perceives at the next moment, it can be defined as understanding the information. So if I take this perception, the environment, the actions, the state, and I take those tokens of the agent and use the llm to build predictive capabilities. From this it can understand the world in which it lives, it can understand its own actions, the actions and environment dependencies that it needs to exist. My design is like this, the bottom design is the prediction of next moment, but the actual value of its action part is the predicted value, that is, it does not make subjective restrictions on its behavier, and its own state is the function of the predicted value and the actual state. When the state slips, the actual value deviates from the predicted value. If the state remains good, it is the same as the design of the action. This design allows the model to explore the world more freely,and constrains the purpose of the model by maintaining the state function.
So in what specific scenario should I do this demo?