How specify XUSB register address

Hi Sandipkumar.

I will advice base on what I did in this forum. Only USB2.0 compliance test.
My comment is base on the assumption that TK1’s XUSB Host IC is same as TX1’s XUSB Host IC.

Q1 and Q2. “tegra_ehci_port_test” did not run in Jetson TX1 Developer Kit. I don’t have know-how.
“tegra_hc_port_test_v3_static” only support TEST_PACKET. see this forum #6 Mr/Ms DaneLLL comment.
I propose you either modify kernel code xhci-hub.c or make application with mmap.
(If you want to know more detail see this forum post)

Q3. I looked over TK1 TRM’s USB chapter. It is different of TX1 TRM.
But I didn’t find XUSB PORTSC and PORTPMSC register address description.

Probably I think that the normal way is to make an application conforming to the USB rev2.0 protocol chapter’s test mode description.
Perhaps I think my success way is not normal way.

I hope my post will be of your help. : )