How stable is CUDA 1.1 on OSX 10.5.3?

Hi all,
does CUDA 1.1 work well on OSX 10.5.3, or is it still a bit “to soon” to use CUDA on Macs?

I’m thinking about converting some OpenGL shaders (which do scatter writes the ugly OGL way) to CUDA. But learning (and mastering) CUDA is certainly not something that can be done overnight. I am a bit scared about spending lots of time learning CUDA, to then find out it’s not ready yet to be used…

Thus the question here.

Thanks for any feedback.


BTW: is there any document describing what’s new in CUDA 2.0, I couldn’t find anything. Is it just the profiler and some new samples?

And did NVIDIA say something about CUDA 2.0 for Mac?

I don’t recall if CUDA is out of beta on Mac OS X. If it’s out of beta, it should be reasonable to work with. Note that it’s pretty picky w.r.t. Mac OS versions AFAIK, so distributing a client could be tricky right now.

One point though - CUDA does take a while to learn. As Apple have seemingly shown interest in CUDA, I’d bet on a nice, stable CUDA version once you’ve gotten things running nicely.