How to access integrations from app on windows

I am able to access the list of integrations (github, gitlab) from the cli from the nvidia-workbench VM on wsl. I am able to use the cli to connect and disconnect. However is there a way to access this list of integrations from the app UX?

I am taken to this page if no app is connected to connect 1 app, but I haven’t found how to get to the integrations page if 1 app is already connected.

I have tried the macos version of workbench and I can access this page through settings in the menu bar, it’s specifically on windows that I can’t find the access path if one exists.


Have you tried this page of the docs? Configuring Integrations in the Desktop Application - NVIDIA Docs

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Hey, thank you for pointing out this doc, failed to find it on first pass through. I am now able to access the settings!

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