How to access past frame tracking results from python in DeepStream 5.0

Hello, I am trying to access the past frame tracking results from python with the new NvDsPastFrame* classes in the DeepStream 5.0 for python SDK. Until now I came up with this code:

def buffer_probe_callback(pad, info, u_data):
    gst_buffer = info.get_buffer()
    batch_meta = pyds.gst_buffer_get_nvds_batch_meta(hash(gst_buffer))
    user_meta_list = batch_meta.batch_user_meta_list
    while user_meta_list is not None:
        user_meta = pyds.NvDsUserMeta.cast(
        if user_meta.base_meta.meta_type == pyds.NvDsMetaType.NVDS_TRACKER_PAST_FRAME_META:
            print("Found past frame meta")
            user_meta_list =
        except StopIteration:

Indeed this code prints the “Found past frame meta” lines. What I miss is how to extract / cast the pyds.NvDsPastFrameObjBatch instances from the user meta. Maybe some cast method is missing from this class?

Hey, I recalled you had implemented the bindings here, does this binding not work for you?

Hello, unfortunately not. When I import my bindings pyds_tracker_meta in a project where pyds is already imported, pybind11 throws an exception saying that there is already a python binding registered for the native ( C ) class NvDsPastFrameObjBatch (this is done by the new python classes in DeepStream 5.0 for python). It seems you can’t have two bindings registered for the same native ( C ) class so using DS 5.0 my library can not be imported, this is a regression compared to DS 5.0 DP.

Thanks for the info, we will check it.

Hello, I updated my library so that it works also with DeepStream 5.0 so my work is unblocked. However at this point the code in pyds_tracker_meta is really just a patch of the incomplete implementation of the official library. I feel it would have a much better place in the SDK, may I suggest to consider integrating it in the next release?

You need to use py::class_(m,“NvDsPastFrameObjBatch”,py::module_local()), py::module_local should be used, it will resolve the conflict with one in Deepstream 5.0 and his bindings.