How to access power consumption of eMMC on Jetson AGX Xavier?

I am doing some power performance thesis recently, and I got stuck when I wonder how much energy eMMC costs when running tasks.
As the title mentioned, I have read some documentation about getting power consumption via reading sysfs node, however, I still cannot clearly understand which one includes the power consumption of eMMC. There are six power rails, including CPU, GPU, SOC, CV, VDDRQ, SYS5V NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide : Clock Frequency and Power Management | NVIDIA Docs. Based on the assumption I made, I consider that eMMC is included in SYS5V. Is that right? Or, is there any method to get the power consumption of eMMC on AGX Xavier?
Wish someone can help me with this issue!! Thanks first.

There is no dedicated sysfs node for it. Power supply to eMMC is included in the SYS5V.

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Thanks for your immediate help.

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