How to access SSD drive on Jetson Xavier NX

I received my WD Black SN 750 250GB SSD drive and have installed it on the bottom of my Jetson Xavier NX. Can anyone show me how to access this drive? does it need to be formatted and if so how? How do I transfer files from SD card to SSD? Is there a way to get my SD card automatically backed up on my SSD?


Maybe you can firstly boot up and check if this disk is mounted or not.
If it is mounted, then we move the next step to put rootfs to it…

Hi Wayne

Thanks for addressing my question. After I installed this SSD I rebooted but cannot find if this disk is mounted or not. I went to files and did not see any disk mounted other than the one I mounted myself (namely my own desktop Mac)

Hi Wayne

I found this last night and have followed the instructions

When in Step 9 I entered sudo vim /etc/fstab

I got a filesystem that “are always mounted on boot”

How do I then enter the last line of step 9 ???

/dev/nvme0n1 /home/guido/nvme defaults 0 1

do I highlight the /dev/root line and replace it with this line or do I append this line to the sudo vim /etc/fstab ???

Thanks for your help.


I was able to run
udo vim /etc/fstab/ dev/nvme01n /home/guido/nvme ext14 defaults 0 1

Hi Wayne

I have been able to get all the way to the end with the installation of the SSD. I am just not sure whether the swap file (step 11) was properly installed. When I enter swap on -s I do not get any swapfile.

Hi Guido,

Ok so the driver is able to detect your nvme driver.

If you want to put the rootfs on NVMe, you need to follow below page. The device node should be /dev/nvme0n1.