How to access WARNING/CRITICAL pin of sensor INA3321

I’m trying to have direct access to the WARNING/CRITICAL pin of sensor INA3321. According to the document Jetson Xavier OEM Product Design Guide, this pin should be connected to SOC_GPIO7 pin, which is also connected to pin 32 on J503 (from the schematics of the carrier board).

Connector J503 is not populated but the traces are there.

Pin 32 on J503 seems like a good place to monitor this pin. However, on the carrier board there is no indication of pin 1 for J503. So, I’m not sure how the connector is oriented on the board and therefore where the pin 32 actually is.

I’m not sure if pin 32 on J503 is the best place to monitor this signal. If you have a better suggestion, I would appreciate that.

Pin32 of J503 is not soc_gpio7. The w/r pin of power monitor is only connected to soc_gpio7 pin of tegra chip and not routed out to carrier board.