How to access Xavier B in Xavier A

Hi NV,

On Xavier A, I have tried:

./sample_camera_gmsl --camera-group=a --tegra-slave=0

Then, I typed in Xavier A:

./sample_drivenetNcameras --input-type=camera --slector-mask=100000 --slave=1

However, it stated that “CameraGMSL: cannot connect to the camera.”

Can you help to fix this issue?

I would like to run two DNNs simlataneously (1 on Xavier A and 1 on Xavier B).

Dear songwen.huang,

The slave option makes sure that Xavier B does not control deserializer, in that sense to achieve your use-case you would need to make sure that Xavier A initializes and controls both cameras respectively.
Please refer to below use-case. Thanks.

Xavier A : Camera Group A, 0 port
./sample_drivenetNcameras --input-type=camera --camera-type=ar0231-rccb-bae-sf3324 --selector-mask=0011

Xavier B : Camera Group A, 1 port
./sample_camera_gmsl --camera-group=a --tegra-slave=1

Dear SteveNV,

Thanks your feedback. I can process the two cameras as the above commands.

However, can I complete the commands only in Xavier A’s OS?
(use Xavier B without swtiching to Xavier B’s OS)

Currently, I have to run one command in Xavier A’s OS and the other command in Xavier B’s OS.

Dear songwen.huang,

Xavier A has, Xavier B has internally.
So you can access Xavier B via ssh with the IP from Xavier A.

On Xaiver A terminal, you can access Xavier B with below command.
ssh nvidia@