how to add cuda.rules in VS2010 beta2? rules

please help me.

when right click the project name, there is no item to add rules…

In msdn forum, i found a solution that we can convert the project(vs2008) to the new project(vs2010), the conversion will do the work of rules to targets…

but i re-install my system and install only vs2010 and cuda2.3 now. and my previous projects are all in CUDA2.1.

who can send me these files(cuda.targets cuda.props cuda.xml) if you have both VS2010 and VS2008?

Thanks a lot!

ok, i have the files. now i upload it for whom need it.
CUDA2.3_Targets_for_VS2010.rar (4.87 KB)

Hi there,

new to vs2010. Where should I add these 3 files? any help much appreciated