How to add ISL79987 to Tegra Drivers for Using Tegra ISP (CSI Interface)

Hi all:
We want to use three ISL79987 chips to capture 12 PAL videos, and connect to CSI_A,CSI_B,CSI_C,
in file Tegra_Linux_Driver_Package_Documents_R24.2 we found that

ISP Support
CSI cameras, with integrated ISP and USB camera, can work in ISP bypass mode.
Provided ISP support is available for Jetson Developer Kit (OV5693) RAW camera module.

Can we use ISL79987 like ov5693 as a CSI cameras, and tegra drivers can capture four different pal videos use ISL79987,
or we can not use Tegra ISP (CSI Interface), instead V4l2 capture drivers?

If Tegra ISP support, can you tell me how to do this ?
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The ISL79987 should output YUV instead of Bayer data, that means you don’t need Tegra ISP support.
And we are going to build a YUV sensor board reference board after that you can reference to that driver to implement your driver.

When can i get the reference driver, and where?

Hey guys,

How would interlace capture (being this a PAL signal) be handled by the X1. Previously I was told that interlaced capture over the MIPI ports was not supported.

we treat two fields as one frame,and demux at userspace

Hi xavierSFan:
I see you have got UYVY NTSC/60 data.
Now I have a problem in interlace capturing. I use v4l2 to capture PAL videos from csi interface and we use width/height:720/288 to capture image date, but we just get 25 fields, there are 25 fields lost. Can you tell me how to solve this problem?



Can anybody to comment if mentioned board(YUV sensor board reference board) is exist and if there a ISL79987 driver?