How to add opencv_contrib packages


I would like to know what is the best way to add opencv_contrib to opencv. I have installed opencv3.3.1 on the laptop and the Jetson Xavier from

Thanks in advance

you would need to recompile it from scratch.

Also note, that the OpenCV that ships with Jetpack does NOT use CUDA.

Hi koosdupreez,

Thanks a lot for the notes.

You mean that this opencv is just a standard version grafted to Jetpack? Because
I thought it was a Nvidia in-house tuned and optimized version. That was my

Instead, should I use Opencv GPU module and recompile it from scratch, for cuda?

Thanks again

Yes, the 3.3.1 version in JetPack doesn’t support CUDA nor gstreamer. (OpenCV4Tegra stopped a few years ago, I think at version 2.4.13, after some of the optimizations got merged into opencv-3.1).
As said by @koosdupreez, you would rebuild your own from source.
You may also use @AastaLLL’s script.
Note that if you want to try opencv-4, cuda modules are now in opencv_contrib.

Hi Honey_Patouceul, Thanks a lot.