How to add PASS to FILTER after generating vcf with Somatic Pipeline?

I’m using the Parabricks somatic pipeline (SOMATIC PIPELINE — Clara Parabricks Pipelines 3.6 documentation)
After generating vcf files, I want to add the PASS value in the FILTER field.
The problem here is that I cannot find a tool inside Parabricks that allow me to do so.
Neither I can do that outside of Parabricks using gatk FilterMutectCalls, because the somatic pipeline do not return the [output vcf].stats , that is automatically generated by gatk Mutect2.

Without that step the Parabricks Somatic Pipeline is unuseful.

Hi Youssef,

The version of Parabricks is based on GATK 4.1. This version does not need stats file.
So you can filter mutect calls using GATK 4.1 filterMutectCalls.

We are planning on providing support for GATK 4.2 in our next release. This will have support of stat files.