How to add pkeys on-demand for Virtual functions in the hosts


I am creating two partitions, I have created required configurations on the openSM and used UFM portal to add nodes in to specific partition.

However I don’t find a way to do add pkey details for Virtual functions in the hosts directly after its creation, I cannot directly edit the pkey file in the system folder and seems not recommended solution /sys/class/infiniband/mlx5_0/ports/1/pkeys/0 as the file is read-only.

I referred to other documents that talk about iov folder but I don’t see such folders in ConnectX-7 HCAs. Some documents referred to pkey_idx but there’s no such file.

Please help guide, how to add the VFs into partitions on-demand in the compute hosts after VFs are created. Compute hosts run on Linux 20.04 and OFED 23.04-1.1.3


Hi ,

The above way is not supported and UFM doesn’t show those pkeys .

To support such request , UFM team developed a way using the set guids pkey via restAPI - PKey GUIDs Rest API - NVIDIA Docs


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