How to add plugin layer to convert keras model to tensorRT4?

Hello,I want to use tensorrt4 to accelerate a keras model. Does tensorrt4 supoort keras? If it does, is there a demo to add plugin layer to convert the unsupport keras layer to tensorrt?Thanks,waiting for reply.


What kind of backend frameworks do you use?

You can enable TensorRT acceleration in the TensorFlow backend directly.
It will automatically fallback to TensorFlow implementation if a layer is not supported by TensorRT.

You can check this tutorial for more information:


Hello, I use the keras frameworks.Is it same as convert tensorflow model to tensorrt? Is there a demo to add plugin layer of keras fameworks to tensorrt?Thanks.


Keras is a high-level wrapper. It uses TensorFlow/Theano/CNTK backend.

Please help to check which backend frameworks do you use first.
It should be TensorFlow by default.