How to add sensors to SDK?

Hi There,
I have a BNO055 9DOF IMU device which is 3 more DOF than the BMI160. I was looking for the source file for the BMI160 GEM so that I could write the BNO055 GEM, but I can’t seem to find the location in the SDK or Github. Can you please help me understand the process of adding new sensors or where the source code is for the current imu one?


You can implement your own codelets to add support for new sensors including IMUs, but the sources for the BMI160 implementation in Isaac SDK 2020.2 is not available at this time, however.

I implement codelets for xsens mti-3 and cheaper wt931 IMUs. Both codelets are based on uart communication. Working well, better angle calculation than BMI160. Yet in same way made integration for TeraBee x64 lidar (used to detect obstacles in close range where livox and camera solutions cant detect). But it would be great get bit more information about ImuCorrector working principles to correctly send values to navigation stack.