How to add *.so library to project?

How to add *.so library to project using NSight Tegra.
In Eclipse *.so put here libsarmeabi-v7a or here libsarmeabi and then packed to APK.
I’ve tried to put *.so library manually but when I build in Visual Studio it is deleted and
application can’t find it.

Hello Alexander,

You can use the Ant Build -> Pre-Ant Event -> Command Line project property to write the *.so copy command.

Thanks Dmitry!. It’s work. But I hope that next release of NSight Tegra will have more convenient solution.

Sorry if this is a silly question, but could you elaborate on what " the *.so copy command " is specifically? Thanks!

Hello Elton,

For example, you can use xcopy like this:

xcopy /E /Y "path-to-your-libs-folder\*.so" "$(ProjectDir)\libs\armeabi-v7a\"

As of Nvidia CodeWorks 1R3 (or earlier), the correct path is

xcopy /E /Y "path-to-your-libs-folder\*.so" "$(IntDir)\libs\armeabi-v7a\