How to add tca9534 on Orin nx i2c0 devicetree

I want to add a new i2c node(tca9534) on i2c0(3160000) devicetree,But I didn’t know which dts file to add? And I don’t know what information to add, Is there any documentation I can refer to. And what I do.
I used orin nx。
Thank you everyone。

please check developer guide, Sensor Software Driver Programming.
you may also visit jetson-linux-r3541 to download [Driver Package (BSP) Sources] for checking reference drivers.

Thank you for your reply.
After I connect I2C_0 to TCA9534,i2cdeteclt -y 0 did not capture the device address 0x38, I want to ask is need to add a new device tree node about TCA9534 in the device tree I2C_0, if I want to add, then in which file to add? Modify the device tree of orin nx, which file is modified?
Thank you

it’s could using DTBO, i.e. device tree overlay to register the camera module.
or, you may To register a device using the main platform device tree file.

I can’t see the device address of the TCA9534 through i2cdetect-r-y 1 on orin nx and nx, but I can see the signal on SCL and SDA。 I don’t know what‘s the reason。Can you help me.

Sorry for the late response, have you managed to get issue resolved or still need the support? Thanks

OK,I switched to another chip, and the device can recognize the address. And the new chip is already working.

Glad to know it’s working, may I know which chip you’re using? Thanks

I used PCA9654, and this chip works normally, meeting my expectations.

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