How to adjust ISP overrides for new image sensor?


we ported a new 5Mpix@60fps MIPI image sensor to TX1.

It’s already running over four lanes through the ISP following
the “footsteps” of the OV5693 reference driver.

As a sidenote: we first tried to get it working using just V4L and ISP bypass,
but only managed to get it running without image errors in two lane mode.
The path trough the ISP using four lane mode was working from the beginning…

The sensor connected to the TX1 using the ISP works, but now it seems that
we need access to further tools, that are not distributed in the normal downloads.

Or are there other ways to configure the ISP camera overrides according to
a given sensor/lens setup?
[ e.g. matching the ISP color tuning and white balance settings to the sensor’s CFA]

Please contact the camera scaling partner to help for the image tuning.

Who is the camera scaling partner to help for the image tuning?

Hi TModz,

Please find camera scaling partner information from: