How to adjust more samples on glass / eyes?

I have render settings like this:
Using more denoising shall loose the skin details, so I stick with this.

The results are:

I know I should now this already by now, sorry to ask but what Path Traced render settings I should crank up to kill the noise at glass / eyes ?


My intuition tells me it´s max bounces and max specular and transmission bounces.

But please guide me before I start to play with rendering settings…

I raised the mentioned to 200 % + Max Samples per pixel 3.

Noise is gone, I say.
More samples to movie capture settings on render farm…

Noise is totally gone in 3K rendering:

Max bounces will not necessarily result in less or more noise, you can increase those to get more realism but it can reduce convergence time, so usually you’ll want to keep them as low as possible for your scene or for an ensemble of shots. Increasing sample count will usually help reduce noise, and if it still does not then the fireflies filtering can help.

excellent! thanks PhilippeR

“Increasing sample count” you mean the
Path Tracing / Samples per Pixel per Frame ( default 1 )
Samples in movie capture settings ?

Following my test results here, the Path Tracing / Samples per Pixel per Frame is effective here. Like I raised it from 1 to 3 and It worked.

There is still some minor noise on eyes behind the glasses, I hope following your guidelines here & playing with fireflies filtering works.

The biggest problem is that Omniverse Denoising is killing the details of those georgeous CC4 skinmaps…That´s why I have to keep that in minimum.

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