How to animate lighting bolt?

Hello gurus!

See this:

Its a lightning bold, just a single fbx object I converted to USD and applied a emissive Light 7000 material.

But how can I animate the material so it comes from top to bottom very fast as lightning bolt´s do?

I know how to animate emission value, so I can make flash realistic but the movement from top to bottom. How do I do that?


Can you set the transform values? If you set the Y value at frame 0 and right click - Set Key, then go to frame 15 or 30 and set the Y value to much lower (-500 or more?) and right click Set Key again, will that work? I don’t have a Lightning bold prop to try.


You also could animate the scale or rotation might help it look better.

If you used an Omni PBR material (instead of emissive), you can set the albedo add and / or albedo brightness and animate those values at certain frames.the same way (right click Set Key).

Is the USD something you can share?

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Thanks, I know all the the above animation methods,
but I would like to move the opacity map or such, to animate the visibility of the bolt from top to bottom. I do not want to move the actual object itself…

I DM you the USD…

Hello @pekka.varis! I’ve reached out to the dev team to see if they have some suggestions for you! I’ll post back as soon as I have more information!

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Thanks Wendy, DataJuggler is helping me