How to animate single USD asset?

I have this nice marbles sample scene, thanks! What If I want to make these scissors to “cut” you know clip clip…

They are just one usd, when looked from machinima. I can roll and move them around but not make them clip…

@pekka.varis You’re right, these scissors are all one mesh, so there currently isn’t a way to make them articulate (clip clip!). However, you could open the USD of the scissors in a DCC tool like Maya with our Omniverse connector. From there you could split apart the mesh into multiple pieces, animate them, and then export the new mesh asset and animation.

Is it possible to export this object to unreal engine with Omniverse Connector and there just separate this object in 2 pieces?
I could them animate this with Machnima´s own animation tools.

I don’t think that UE4 can split up mesh assets like that unfortunately. Your best bet would be to use a 3D DCC tool like Blender, Maya, or 3dsMax.

Ok cool. I try this first:

Since Cinema 4D is my current tool for jobs. If that way does not work, I have to warm up my blender skills… Maya shall be the ultimate tool but not for now, too much new stuff to learn & workload.

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The solution above ( c4d to UE ) is not a good way to use with omniverse. Forget that now and use DCC with Omniverse connector.

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